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LB&B Base Operations Support Division

LB&B Associates Inc.'s Base Operations Support (BOS) Division provides extensive Public Works, Civil Engineering, and Logistics Services for various U.S. Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force installations nationwide.

The level of support services we offer range from large public works operations at major facilities encompassing over 4,000 facilities totaling well over 50 million square feet of space, to regional, local, and small satellite operational support for facilities in remote regions of the U.S. Our services also include support of various hospitals and clinics within the DoD as well.

For detailed information on these categories and the diversity of services LB&B provides, please select from the links below:

boiler plants are part of our complete services in support of base operations

For more information on LB&B Base Operations Support, please contact Mr. Don Osmann at (301) 596-2440 or by e-mail.