all services to keep base operations functioning

LB&B Logistics Services

Logistics Services are, at the heart, the arteries of a military base, carrying needed nutrients the way the bloodstream nourishes human muscles and functions.

LB&B Associates Inc. handles advanced logistics needs including the following specialized services:

  • Supply Support
  • Supply-Retail Support
  • Property Control
  • Central Issue Facility
  • Troop & Installation Support
  • Fuel Operations
complete services in support of base operations
  • Ammunition Supply Point
  • Transportation
  • Dispatching
  • Bus & Taxi Services
  • Unit Movement
  • Freight Operations
  • Wash Rack Services
  • Container Operations
  • Rail Operations
  • Personal Property
  • Freight Forwarding

For more information on LB&B Base Operations Support, please contact Mr. Donald Osmann at (301) 596-2440 or by e-mail.