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LB&B Capabilities & Services

Since LB&B Associates Inc. was founded in 1992, we've experienced repeat business throughout our different functional areas, and from many different agencies and customers.

Whether they are Government Agencies or commercial businesses, our customers have been uniformly happy with our quality of work, with our service, with our partnership in their mission, and with our timely response to their needs. Our customers repeatedly come back to us to continue our sevices for them.

Please select any of the links in the drop-down menu above entitled "Capabilities & Services" to learn how our divisions handle:

  • Base Operations and Maintenance
  • Broadcasting, Photography, Audio/Visual Support
  • Clerical, Word Processing, Writing, and Editorial Support
  • Commercial Facilities Management
  • Construction, Alterations & Refurbishment
  • Construction Management
  • Engineering, Planning, CADD, and Documentation
  • Facility Operations and Maintenance
  • Facilities Management
  • Fueling, Defueling and Bulk Fuel Storage
we go to great heights to serve our customers because we CAN handle the job
  • Hospital Maintenance
  • Housing Maintenance
  • Mail, Filing and Library Services
  • Operations and Maintenance of Trainers/Simulators
  • Range Operations and Maintenance
  • Security Services
  • Supply, Warehouse and Logistics
  • Training Systems Support
  • Transportation Services
  • Vehicle Operations and Maintenance