LB&B Hospital Operations Support

When our clients, including the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, and the Department of Homeland Security, establish hospital operations, LB&B Associates Inc. is there to provide the support services needed to keep all functions working at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

For instance, at Fort Leonard Wood we support the U.S. Army Hospital, and at Ellendorf Air Force Base we provide support to the U.S. Air Force.

When it comes to hospital operations, here are some of the ways the LB&B Education & Research Support Division serves our clients:

  • Managing Boiler Operations
  • Providing HVAC/Electrical Support
  • Installation and Maintenance of Electronics
  • Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance of Telecommunications
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Security Services
  • Alterations & Repairs to Existing Equipment or Functions
  • Safety Assurance and Safety Implementation
  • Maintain Environmental Systems Controls
highest level support
  • Communications Systems Operations

For more information about the LB&B Education & Research Support Division, please contact Mr. John Civitelli at (301) 596-2440 or by sending an e-mail.

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