LB&B Associates Inc. Successful in NARA Contract Re-Competition

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND:  LB&B Associates Inc., the diversified services company operating in over twenty five states, the District of  Columbia, and overseas locations, announces that its contract with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) was recently successfully re-competed. LB&B was informed of the successful re-competition on February 1, 2016, by NARA. 

Contract Provides for CFM Support Services in Washington, DC, and College Park, Maryland

Under this contract, LB&B provides Complete Facilities Maintenance (CFM) Support Services for the Archives I facility located in Washington, DC, and the Archives II facility located in College Park, Maryland. The Archives I site encompasses approximately 1.375 million square feet and the Archives II building contains 1.8 million square feet of space.

LB&B Associates Inc. is extremely proud to win this award for a third time. LB&B's success on a project is measured on whether or not LB&B is successful on the re-competition; the LB&B Associates Inc. staff assigned to this project has done an outstanding job of supporting LB&B’s NARA customers. The LB&B Associates Inc. Management Team thanks all employees assigned to the project for their efforts in providing quality services to LB&B customers.

LB&B’s goal is not only to provide its customers with services that meet their requirements, but to also exceed the customers’ expectations.

About LB&B Associates Inc.

LB&B Associates Inc. provides a variety of contractor services for the U.S. Government and for commercial entities, and is separated into five support divisions: Facilities Management, Operations and Maintenance Services; Logistics Support Services; Systems and Technology Services; Base Operations Support Services; and Commercial Support Services.

LB&B Associates Inc., which began in 1992 as a two-person organization, has over 1,300 associates, providing a broad range of services to an equally broad range of clients, including the federal government, state governments, commercial businesses, the military, NATO, hospitals, churches, research centers, and educational facilities.

LB&B Associates Inc.’s leadership has assembled an experienced team that has managed businesses large and small, and that supports a knowledgeable and accomplished on-site staff.

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