LB&B Associates Inc. New Trailers Supporting North Carolina “Talk It Out” Campaign to Curtail Underage Drinking

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND:  LB&B Associates Inc., the diversified services company operating in over twenty five states, the District of Columbia, and overseas locations, announces that on the highways of North Carolina, its new fleet of trailers are now helping solve the problem of underage drinking.

“Talk It Out” Program Promoted Parent-Child Communication

James C. Gardner, Chairman of the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, having been charged by North Carolina's governor to address this issue, established “Talk It Out,” a program to jump-start honest discussions between children and parents and inform both about the challenges and dangers of underage drinking.

LB&B Replaces Aging Fleet with “Talk It Out”-emblazoned New Trailers

Chairman Gardner asked Graham Thompson, Director of LB&B Commercial Services, if LB&B could place signage on trailers to support “Talk It Out.” LB&B Associates agreed to replace its aging trailer fleet with new ones that displayed the “Talk It Out” logo and web site address for the public to see on the North Carolina roads.

According to LB&B Fleet Manager Andy Woodlief, "This was a slam-dunk for both the "Talk It Out" program and LB&B. We think the new trailers look great, and we certainly hope they do their part in helping open communication between parents and teens, and reduce instances of underage drinking and driving," Woodlief concludes.

North Carolina Program Appreciates LB&B Help in Promoting “Talk It Out”

As Chairman Gardner states, “LB&B’s support of the Initiative to Reduce Underage Drinking means that parents and their children will soon see the 'Talk It Out' campaign logo and web site on new LB&B trailers, delivering product across North Carolina. Starting conversations that stop underage drinking is critical to saving lives. The Commission is pleased that LB&B has partnered with us on this important effort to raise the visibility of the campaign in a new way,” Gardner says.

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