LB&B Associates Inc. Joint Venture with Integrated Systems Development Corporation Awarded Homeland Security Training Centers Contract

Columbia, MD: LB&B Associates Inc., the diversified services company operating in over twenty five states, the District of Columbia, and overseas locations, announces that I&L FMS, a joint venture of LB&B Associates Inc. and Integrated Systems Development Corporation (iSystems), has been awarded a 12-month base period firm-fixed-price contract, with four (4) successive one-year options, by the United States Department of Homeland Security (USDHS).

Contract Awarded for Transportation Services

The contract, which went into operation on April 1, 2016, is to provide Transportation Motor Pool Services for the USDHS's Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) located in Glynco, Georgia. The services include operation and maintaining of motor vehicles and equipment to include on/off center shuttle, special trips, student arrivals/departures, wrecker services, and related services. This performance-based contract describes the services to be performed as an end result and provides to the contract both a standard for acceptable performance and quantities, limits, or areas that the service covers.

FLETC – Key Part of Homeland Security Training

The FLETC mission statement is “We Train Those Who Protect our Homeland”. FLETC trains the majority of federal officers and agents from more than 95 federal organizations in tactical, practical and hands-on Homeland Security procedures and skills. In addition, FLETC provides training to state, local, and international police departments. It graduates approximately 70,000 students each year.

The 1,600-acre FLETC Glynco Training Center includes classrooms, dormitories, and administrative and logistical support structures; its dining hall is capable of serving more than 4,000 meals per day. The complex has 18 firearm ranges, including a state-of-the-art indoor range complex with 146 separate firing points, and eight highly versatile semi-enclosed ranges with 200 additional firing points. Other training assets include a sprawling complex of vehicular driver training ranges, a physical techniques training facility, an explosives range, a fully functional mock "port of entry," and numerous other structures which support the entire sophisticated and comprehensive training effort.

Customers Praise I&L FMS JV Transportation Services

According to Karen Ragsdale, I&L FMS JV Project Manager, "In the first weeks of the contract, we've seen the FLETC trainees compliment our drivers on their doing a fantastic job. Our drivers have been described as pleasant, attentive, and just a delight the whole time!" Ragsdale adds that one FLETC student said that our drivers "did an amazing job getting her to class every day; they were very knowledgeable and a joy to talk to."

LB&B and ISDC Teams Coordinated Contract Proposal and Phase-In

Phase-in of the contract at the site is being handled by Bill Fields (President of iSystems) and Alexander Torrance (LB&B Vice President, Support Services Division), working with Karen Ragsdale and Daniel Heser (LB&B Manager of Employment and Personnel).

The contract proposal was written and presented by Jim Ryan (LB&B Director of Business Development), Alexander Torrance, and Shannon Klisiewicz (LB&B Proposal Coordinator).

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