LB&B Values and Guiding Principles

At LB&B Associates Inc. our values are centered on our customers, our quality of service, our business philosophy, productivity and teamwork.

We depend upon our customers to provide outstanding references and growth for our company. Our employees are our major asset, helping to establish our reputation and success. Our quality of service is shown by the level of customer satisfaction that we provide to our customers. Our business philosophy is based upon total customer satisfaction, continually looking for ways to reduce waste and improve productivity and quality.

Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide our customers with services that exceed their requirements. Most importantly we stress teamwork. We must work together as a team and communicate with one another to achieve our goals.

Our guiding principles are equally important, and are the foundation of LB&B. They include:

  • Quality
    To achieve total customer satisfaction, the quality of our work must be the highest priority.
continuing education of our senior staff is important to maintain the best attitude
  • Safety
    Safety must be everyone's concern. We will not accept accidents and unsafe work habits.
  • Attitude
    We will not accept a status quo or "this is the way it's always been done" attitude.
  • Ethics and Integrity
    Our integrity and ethics will never be compromised. Each and every employee must be challenged, recognized and involved.
  • Motivation
    High achievement requires the highest commitment at all levels of the organization.
  • Success
    Our success is a combination of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, high productivity and efficient operations.